Galipatam Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Rating: (3.5/5)

After hit films like “Prema Kavali” and “Sukumarudu”, Aadi is racing ahead to mark his presence once again at the Tollywood box office with the film “Galipatam”. This venture is expected to be a youthful love story with good set of twists and romantic episodes. High expectations are on this flick as youthful ventures are becoming less in Tollywood day-by-day. More over, “A” rating increased the level of interest among audience. Real on to know whether this venture attracted audience or not.


The story of this film deals with software professionals. Story started with the marriage of Karthik (Aadi) and Swathi (Erica Fernandez). Interestingly, this pair has their own individual love stories. Karthik loves a girl named Parineeti and Swathi will love a guy named Arnav. Due to few reasons, Karthik will marry Swathi and it is an arranged marriage. In the middle, this pair goes for divorce. They choose to go with their individual lovers but few things happen and they finally come back shattering the divorce. What are the situations and how they managed to solve this issue, should be seen on big screen.

Technical Aspects:

Even though Sampath Nandi is not the director of this flick, his mark was seen in the venture. Sampath Nandi’s junior Naveen Gandhi managed to increase romantic episodes in this flick. Music helped the songs to highlight further in the theatres. Few songs impressed audience with picturization apart from the music. Editing, cinematography and locations were on average scale.

On an average, technical department gave its best to this flick. Director managed to give good scope to main lead as well as to the supporting lead actors in this venture. But, the plot looked flat throughout the length. There is no item kind of scene in this venture. It is like a real time situation kind of plot. Dialogues in few instances looked satirical. Director added comedy, romance and sentimental scenes to this flick in equal volumes.


Aadi looked confident as usual in this flick. His action impressed audience and the way he carried the emotions touched the hearts of the spectators. Heroines too did their best as commercial assets to the flick. Interesting part is that the director gave good scope for the main characters in the venture.

Supporting cast and crew gave good support to the lead pair. On an average, it is a decent performance from the entire crew.

Final Word:

First half of the film is specially for the youngsters. This part has all the youthful content needed for the youngsters. The second half is a mixture of emotions. Sentiment and comedy plays vital role in the second half. Director added chopped comedy episodes over the entire length of the film. The final word on this flick is that the venture attracts young spectators.

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