Gaganam Movie Review

Rating: 3.50/5

Critic Rating: (3.50/5)

It is

A gripping experience.



Hijacked flight – supposed to be taken to Pakistan – technical problem – makes an emergency landing in Tirupathi. That’s the outline and the real issue which the makers tried to address is the tension within the flight when 120 passengers are held hostage for more than 5 days and the consequent fears and moods.


What holds you?

The screenplay which the technical crew handled so well is the obvious star of the film. The number of characters the writers decided to deal with was calculated and mature.


The film’s cinematography (which is pretty evident from the trailers) along with its editing and polished dialogue work keeps you excited and entertained through the perfectly suitable 2 hour running time.


Humor in plenty (none of the cheaper tricks here), interesting and original characters, tension greatly carried and just the right amount of cinematic liberty.


What could have made it ‘that great film’?

The central intension of the hostages going from absolute panic to a less tense mood wasn’t quite established. The mood of the hostages stays pretty much the same from the hijacked minute to the 5th day.



Nagarjuna proves that he’s matured as an actor, not only with his subtle performance but also with the screen time theory.

Thalaivasal Vijay, M S Bhaskar and rest of the cast have contributed the way it happens for good films. Things fall in place.



Out of the many definitions for a great cinema experience, one is which will not let you think of what you are going to do after the film. In my case, how to write the review?


I am a proud audience today. Had a great time at the cinemas a few hours back and the best part was the characters on the cinema screen talking in Telugu.

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