Funny Hollywood Titles in Telugu

Telugu movies these days are being inspired mostly movies from other languages like English, French, Chinese, etc. Also some of the English movies are being dubbed into Telugu and other regional languages. So what happens if the Hollywood titles of some of the biggest flicks are literally translated into Telugu. Hilarious results.

Let’s have a look at some of the titles. Pun Intended!


(1)   Wolf of the Wall Street

The Wolf could have been easily called as ‘Gunta Nakka’ but going by Telugu trends let us stick to the ‘Mogudu’ factor to engage the Box Office!



(2)   Spiderman

The Spider can be directly translated with Mass appeal.



3. Twilight Saga

We can go a little poetic with the Twilight series here.



4. Now You See Me

We could have tried ‘Nuvvu’ in the lines sticking to hits like ‘Nuvvu Nenu’ and ‘Nuvvu Naaku nachaav’ but we try and go a little kick ass here for the change.



5. Fast and Furious

The direct translation will be boring and Tollywood can go with thunder factor for Vin Diesel while changing the title.



6. A Good day to Die Hard

Going by the lines of Ready and Dhenikaina Ready, we go with this one.



7. The Godfather

When it comes to Don Corleone, it should be one single word. Else he will make an offer that we cannot resist.



8. The Butler


We tried options, but some films just need the actual translations.



9. The Conjuring

Some titles require enduring and some, conjuring.




10. Dear John

We have Ra Ra Krishnayya in the pipeline, but what if Dear John were to be named first.




Pavan & Deepa

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