Fun Fact: Shruti Haasan is a collector!

Acting’s a tough gig – one that takes up your time, and takes you away from home for extended periods of time. Of course, there are the obvious perks as well! So it comes as no wonder that many actor have interesting hobbies that they pursue to sort of step out of the world of glitz and glamour that they live in.

Shruti Haasan is a collector

For Shruti Haasan, it is her ever growing collection that brings her joy. But a collection of what, you may ask. Antiques? Paintings? Well… no.

Our very darling Shruti collects just one thing – toys! And not just any toys, mind you. She exclusively collects toys based on animated characters!

This hobby of hers, she says, started when she was a kid and she has been adding to her collection for years now with consistent devotion. At present, she has some of the rarest collectible toys ever. Some of them were gifted to her by friends and family who know this craze of hers, while most of them she bought herself.

Let me tell you folks, it is not easy finding these objects of childish delight. In fact, Shruti goes to a lot of trouble to find them, here and abroad. She does so in between her travels and also during filming schedules at various places.

Actually, the starlet has been known to take time off from filming to seek such toys out from nearby locales if she gets word of them. Quite an interesting hobby indeed though one can’t help but feel a teeny tiny bit sorry for the producer who is forced to indulge Shruti’s passion on company time.

In any case, the multi talented diva has set herself apart from the crowd once again… Wonder what other interesting things we yet do not know about our stars!

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