Fukrey Returns Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie NameFukrey Returns
Movie Rating2.5/5
Movie CastPulkit Samrat,Manjot Singh,Varun Sharma,Priya Anand, Vishakha Singh
DirectorMrigdeep Singh Lamba
Music DirectorRam Sampath
Production CompanyExcel Entertainment
Release DateDecember 8, 2017

Four years after an original hilarious flick, come the sequel, Fukrey Returns. Fukrey’s USP was its rawness and simplicity. It captured the Dilliki gully very authentically. Be it the high school guys,the Romeo type guys, and the drug dealings and so on. The plot also remained simple to understand and doesn’t get too complex in any of the acts. The characterizations were unique and so were the plots. Chichoo especially having a love interest for BholiPunjaban made it even more unique. Does Fukrey Returns retains the merits and or has any new merits? Will it tickle as much as the original? Well, the answer is a half No.

Fukrey Returns Cast
Fukrey Returns Cast

The movie rolls out with a song which recaps the original in five minutes to have the people know the context and where the story ended. The sequel starts after a year of that. The guys lives are more or less the same, except that Hunny (Pulkit Samrat) has an SUV now. Choocha (Varun Sharma) still dreams and premeditates. Lali (Manjot Singh) is still mocked by his Dad for his uselessness and Zafar (Ali Faizal) is planning a goa trip with his teacher girl friend. BholiPunjaban gets a bail but with the help of a politician for a deal of lumpsum. Bholi puts these four in a trap and the consequences form the rest of the film.

Fukrey deserves a sequel for its sheer rawness and original humour. However, Fukrey returns is not a deserving sequel. Well it tries to be one though. The beginning of the movie and the first half does tickle the funny bone. The movie taps on some factors that really helped the original. First and foremost is the comedian Varun Sharma who brought the house down playing an innocent and the funny guy. His interest for Bholi elevated the comedy much more. The sequel continues his humour and it works this time too. Also, Bholi got a good response in the original, so they decided to have a much more meaty role for her this time. Richa Chaddha was good in this role much owing to her ease with such roles and her voice is a big asset. The movie gets too much into twists which makes it a complex plot. It overdoes the thrills and loses the grip. A bit of slapstick comedy is also added.

Fukrey Returns Movie Cast
Fukrey Returns Movie Cast

Ambarsariya is one of the unique and everlasting songs, but Returns has no one track which is even close to it. The picturization of the songs is also not interesting. The leading girls this time are there just for the sake of it and appear very minimally. Probably just till the audience we haven’t written them off. Though Varun Sharma has done a bunch of films after Fukrey, nothing could make him perform that hilariously as the Fukrey brand.

All in all, Fukrey returns is a desperate attempt to match up to the original, but goes overboard and achieves only half. The sequel is a passable affair especially if you like to enjoy the world of these Fukra boys.

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