Fugly Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Akshay Kumar seems to have got the formula for a hit right! His last outing, “Holiday”, which released last week has been declared a super hit and has already grossed around 70 Crores at the box-office.

This week he’s back in the news for his production “Fugly” !

But does “Fugly” live up to the expectations? Read on for Fugly Movie Review

Plot :

Set in the lanes of Delhi, “Fugly” is a story of 4 friends : Dev, Devi, Gaurav & Aditya who are just out of college and are at the cusp of their lives… their dreams and expectations come to a crashing halt when one night they are faced with the evil incarnate SHO Chautala aka Jimmy Sheirgill, an extremely fearless Police Officer.

What unfolds from there is a series of events which will put to test their friendship and character… what follows is Politics , Parties, Chases and an in-depth view of power brokering in the capital which exposes the well oiled nexus of the administration, trade fuelled by the common man. Life gets ‘Fugly’ !

How does all that happen? It’s for you to go and find out.

Performances and Technical Aspects :

The film stars four debutantes in the lead. Yeah! 4 newcomers taking the responsibility of this youth-oriented project!
And they do not disappoint! The bring a certain freshness on the screen.

Debutant Mohit Marwah is a star material! He has good screen presence and delivers a commendable performance. What he does need though is a tuck here and there, and there he is.. a star in the making!

Kiara’s performance’s as a debutante actor is very striking and shows a lot of promise. She is able to look sexy and glamorous when needed, and also brings tears in your eyes with her approach towards sensitive scenes. A girl to watch out for!

Arfi plays his part with ease and has his comic timing in place. He is the typical supporting actor of Hindi films who ensures that the films dont get too serious. His work is to maintain a smooth narration and that he does properly.

Vijender Singh, the Boxing champ, the olympic medal winner, is the surprise package of the film. His acting may not be top notch but he surely impresses with his screen presence. The typical Haryanvi ‘cocky’ness depicted by Vijender is hilarious! His character doesn’t give a hoot about what anyone thinks. He impresses with his effortless performance and ensures that you go home with a smile on your face. His scenes are the ones you remember even after leaving the theatre.

Jimmy Shergill is the highlight of this film! He carries the film on his shoulders. Jimmy’ character, Chautala is a ruthless, corrupt and a greedy-for-power cop who is arrogant to the core and loves to throw around his brashy attitude! Jimmy is outstanding and is not your usual villainous cop. He’s much more than that!

Actor-turned-Director Kabir Sadanand has directed the film and full marks to him for having treated the subject so aesthetically. The story is not as simple as he looks. But Kabir presents it in a seamless manner. His depiction of complex scenes is commendable.

The camera work is outstanding ! Milind Joga‘s camera seems to move concernedly through the streets of Delhi and Gurgaon in search of answers for the moral bankruptcy around us. It is his work which makes the story more intriguing, which is otherwise quite simple.

The music of the film is already a hit and for a change, here is one movie whose narration is not affected by the songs. However, Sana Saeed’s item number does hamper the feel a little. Yo Yo Honey Singh‘s ‘Banjarey’ stands out, but for two reasons : Catchy, soothing music and brilliant shooting in Leh. The scenic beauty of Leh is very well summed up in the song and thats what sets the ball rolling for the rest of the film.

Hawk-Eye Analysis :

“Fugly” is a mature and appreciable amalgamation of various social issues that the country is facing today. You can call it a modern-day ‘Rang De Basanti’ meets ‘Fukrey’ film. It does leave you surprised and shocked to see how morally paralytic the society is.

But, the film suffers from mood swings. The film is good in parts and has its moments.

The film’s biggest drawback is its screenplay and convoluted story. The director tries to deal with too many things at a time. On the outset, the viewers feels they are looking at one part of the story. But there are multiple issues that are subtly buffering in the balcground. This does confuse the viewers to an extent and this is what may let the movie down.

The plot, especially in the second half is full of improbabilities. While the progression is smooth until the interval, the second half of the film appears to be hurried, losing out on its overall impact that the film sets out to make.

The music and dramatic highpoint till the interval, is seamless.

The ‘Rang De Basanti’ layer to the movie doesn’t help. The scene in which a TV reporter is being allowed into the ICU to record a seriously ill patient’s statement, is scary. This leaves you mind-effed, with the thought, “Is this really where it has gone down to?”

Everyone including the bit actor Rajveer Ahuja, who plays Jimmy’s subordinate, and Praveen Singh Sisodia as the lecherous grocer, is effective and potent. And so is the film.

The director keeps the proceedings simple and believable.

The ending of the movie will shock the audiences and his is what separates the film from other usual masala flicks.

A special mention for Mohit Marwah and Kiara Advani. They light up the screen with their chemistry and are perhaps the most impressive newcomers of this year!

Mohit is a toughie all throughout, even in situations where you might feel he could have emoted a bit more.

Nevertheless, this movie is definitely a one-time watch. Watch it for its freshness and a different take on life!

Final Verdict : 3/5

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