Food Poison for Samantha

Samantha is the busiest girl in tinsel town and the lovely diva has had some whopper of a projects in the recent times and one of them just happens to be the upcoming Suriya flick Anjaan. Anjaan has had some trouble with their audio launch and finally the date came to be set for today, July22nd, and the event was to be a low key one in Chennai.


Of course, the actors all have to be at such an occasion, especially the lead ones of the film and Samantha, apparently, couldn’t make it. But that’s not the problem for her today though – no!

The diva decided it was best to post a message on her social media page explaining her situation and why she couldn’t make it – but she didn’t exactly phrase the whole thing right..

This is what the actress posted:

Flight delay, baggage lost in transit and food poisoning. Worst day ever. Really sad that I couldn’t attend the Anjaan audio function today.

Now it might have missed the eyes of many, but some fans noticed the ‘worst day ever’ part and given the tragic day today is in terms of certain international situations, they were a bit annoyed by the actresses self involved post.

So the top comments to the post included some mockery in that regard, while another fan simply said that it was surprising that she found time to post a social media message in between all her troubles.

In any case, the actress day is now really not going well.

We do hope that she pulls through whatever physical ailment she has and gets back to making movies, as that’s where her real talent lies and perhaps word things a bit more carefully the next time around.

But the fans do love her in the end, and she is climbing fast on the popularity charts too.

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