First Look – RGV’s Vangaveeti Logo

Right form the announcement, Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma’s forthcoming film Vangaveeti has been the talk of the town The film will be based on the political leader Vangaveeti Radha and his political journey during 1990’s. The first look of the leading actor received huge response from the audience and critics as well.

Vangaveeti Logo First look
Vangaveeti Logo First look

RGV is given serious warnings and has been threaten to death from some of the cult fans of then Bezawada political youth family. But, RGV warned those in his style, who tried to frighten him. He took to Twitter and said that, ”I am bigger rowdie than Those who think Rowdies now “. He further said that he would be coming to Vijayawada to gather info regarding Vangaveeti and tweeted his staying address too.

Though he is being opposed by some of the political leaders and parties, he revealed the title logo of the his film Vangaveeti today. While posting, he again reminded to those, who try to stop him at Vijayawada, ” Since aircosta got cancelled coming to Vijayawada 4.10 air india flight from Hyderabad but staying at same place.”

If you remember, the same things had been faced by RGV during Rakta Charitra, which is a Rayala Seema factionalism based film and it became a super hit. Well, who knows, Vangaveeti may also repeat the history.

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