Who was the first choice for Bang Bang?

While we are all in love with Hrithik Roshan and his Bang Bang avatar, but we now know that Hrithik wasn’t the first choice for the film. It was a cute yet sexy looker Shahid Kapoor, who was offered the film first.


Shahid was offered the slick flick,about which he was skeptical, as to being compared to Tom Cruise. As the film is the official remake of Knight and Day, comparisons with Tom are bound to come. Shasha didn’t want to be compared to International sensation, Tom Cruise, hence he turned down the offer. And Hrithik took that up!

Little did Shahid know that Bang Bang will get such massive response from the audiences! But we are wondering had it been Shahid, would that level of interest be associated with the film, which Hrithik has managed to pique?

They say ‘One man’s loss is another man’s gain’. And Hrithik just stands out to be the apt choice for the role we feel!

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