Fire For Mahesh Babu Flexi – Fans Goes Angry

Super Star Mahesh Babu is currently very much happy with the response he is getting for the film SPYder. Though there is a mixed talk for the film, the fans are really enjoying the movie a lot. Now, the latest information we have is that some strangers have set a fire for Mahesh Babu flexi in Rajahmundry. This has resulted in a big controversy.

Mahesh Babu Spyder Flexi
Mahesh Babu Spyder Flexi

Apparently, the reports reveal that the fans have arranged a big flex for Mahesh Babu on the occasion of the release of the film SPYder. On the other side, setting up the fire for this by some unknown persons resulted in a fight. The fans are alleging that some anti-fans have done that because of the jealousy they have on the hero who scored a hit with SPYder.

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