Fire at Bangalore’s Carlton Towers, five feared dead

A fire is raging at the Carlton Towers, a seven-storey-building near the Old Airport road in Bangalore. The building is home to many offices and commercial establishments.

Three people killed after jumping in panic from top floors.

Six fire engines have been rushed to the area. The lower floors of the building have been evacuated but many people are trapped on the higher stories. Pictures show them covering their faces with handkerchiefs, breaking glass windows to let in fresh air.

The ladders being used by the firefighters aren’t high enough to allow them to reach the higher storeys. There’s too much smoke inside the building for the people trapped at the top to be able to move towards the ground floor.

Ropes are being dropped from the roof of the building so that people can grab these through windows and then be pulled up to safety by firefighters.

Traffic jams are being reported in the neighbourhood.

The fire began on the third floor of the building.(NDTV)

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