Fine to Lawrence for Rebel!

Choreographer cum actor cum director Raghava Lawrence has recently directed a film titled "Rebel" with Rebel Star Prabhas and that movie was bombed at box-office.The movie producers J Bhagavan and Pulla Rao have faced the heavy losses due to Rebel.Producers J Bhagavan and Pulla Rao has earlier registered a complaint on Lawrence at Producers’ Council for making the movie with over budget than the actual budget.They also asked the council to recover the over budget from the director.

Lawrence was initially promised to make the film with Rs 22.5 cores and later due to delay and several changes in the film it has been increased to around RS 40 Crores.Now, the Producers’ Council has ordered Lawrence to pay Rs 2.5 crores to the producers of the film J Bhagavan and Pulla Rao as compensation.

However that money will not recover the producers losses and Lawrence is lucky for asking to pay only Rs 2.5 Crores instead of 15 Cores.

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