Find out: What is Ranbir Kapoor scared of?

Ranbir Kapoor Scared About

The handsome star, who hails from a filmy background, Ranbir Kapoor has successfully established himself as a Brand and an actor, who has impressive body of work and who will take stardom to whole new level. But recently Ranbir spoke out loud about his fears.

Apparently the 32 year old hottie is scared of failing in his relationships. Ranbir addressed the media and spoke out loud, that he has always been scared of failing in his relationships, be it with his parents, family, friends or work related.

The star is dating British Indian Actress, Katrina Kaif and both even share a live-in relationship but marriage is off the cards now. Ranbir says, he is enjoying this phase of his life and is in no hurry to get married.

Well! We are sure with due care R.K., you wouldn’t fail in any relationship of yours!

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