Finally, Sunny Leone went into RGV’s hands?

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma gave hints to the media that he is going to come up with “Varmatho Sarala Aunty” flick. Including his name in the film title is a sensational aspect as there is a buzz in the media that RGV has relationships with several heroines.


“How will be that Sarala Aunty?” turned out to be the point. Now, one latest buzz struck the media and the Sarala Aunty is stated to be Sunny Leone! If this turns true, we may expect RGV and Sunny to put entire Indian film industry on fire. The hotness of this combination cannot be compared.

In fact, RGV himself is known to be the best director is showing heroines in several angles and Sunny Leone’s presence in the heroine role will make this flick more popular. Stay tuned to know the levels of hotness in this upcoming sensational venture.

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