Finally, Sachin gave nod to RGV’s film!!

RGV Sachin

Ram Gopal Varma is a sensational direction. In fact, his controversies are sensational and it is a fact that he takes up sensational topics too, for his venture. As per the latest updates, RGV is directing Sachin in his next flick. Don’t feel that this person is Sachin Tendulkar. The hero in this flick is Sachin Joshi.

Of course, Sachin Joshi too is a big shot in business domain and he is trying to come up in the film industry. It seems that Sachin pumps lots of money into his flicks to take them to the top position. RGV has been doing small budgeted movies till the last few months.

We may expect Sachin Joshi – RGV venture to be a high level one with respect to budget. In this scenario, we may expect RGV to deliver a high quality flick to the audience. Fans of RGV are saying that this flick may touch the levels of “Kshanak Kshanam” and others.

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