Finally Modi decided to use Pawan Kalyan for this noble cause!

Pawan Kalyan and Modi Swachch Bharat

Prime Minister Modi decided to use Pawan Kalyan in South India once again. It is a fact that Modi didn’t include Pawan Kalyan’s name when he released the first “Swatch Bharat” ambassadors list. May be, Modi might have felt that Pawan took the pain to promote his party for elections and he needs some rest.

More over, Pawan is involved in “Gopala Gopala” shooting and it is tough for him to concentrate on “Swatch Bharat” at that time. Recently, government released one more set of brand ambassadors to “Swatch Bharat” event and this one has Pawan Kalyan in the top position.

As “Gopala Gopala” shooting has been done, Pawan Kalyan might have given green signal to Modi to include his name in the list. With the entry of Pawan Kalyan, we can expect people to respond to “Swatch Bharat” in high count.

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