Finally Krish takes up the challenge of Jr.NTR!

Concept oriented director Krish, who came up with high attention flicks in the past took up the challenge of keeping Jr.NTR’s future on track. As per the details, Krish is set to do a project with Jr.NTR in near future.

Krish and Jr NTR

As a concept oriented director, Krish doesn’t spend much on commercial aspects. This saves budget to the producers. It is known that Jr.NTR is looking for low budgeted movies in the recent times as his luck is not in his favor. There is a buzz in the media that Jr.NTR even asked his producers to cut down his remuneration to get into the profits.

In this scenario, working with Krish will help Jr.NTR to major extent. For Krish, he is getting a top actor at less remuneration level. So, this combination at this point of time is a trade off for both the celebrities. If things goes fine, Jr.NTR may get into the track with Krish’s venture and this director will get mascot status in Tollywood for heroes.

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