Finally Anushka came up with n*de transistor pic!

Anushka Sharma revealed that she is interested to come up with a n*de transistor pose just like Amir Khan. This news topped the headlines few days back. Now, she finally came up with the pose but this poster disappointed audience.

Anushka PK Movie Poster

She kept her head on the Amir Khan’s cutout recently and took the pic. This has now turned out to be the transistor pic which Anushka mentioned few days back. This is a disappointing act by this heroine but still, she was able to get the best hype with the statement she gave that day.

Everyone expected that Anushka will come out with the nude transistor pose in reality. Interestingly, this lady kept up her word but in a different angle. Finally, Anushka came up with the nude transistor pic!

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