Film producer caught in drugs mafia

Producer Sushank Reddy Arrested

Film producer Sushankh Reddy is stated to have caught in drugs mafia in Hyderabad region. Five Nigerian people who were transferring the drugs to the producer were caught by the Police department. Apart from Sushankh Reddy, one more big shot producer is stated to be in the list.

Few media reports stated that Sushankh Reddy took this route to support himself and his career financially. Sushankh is expected to appear before the media in the afternoon session and he may reveal all the aspects to the media at that time.

This is turned sensation as several film celebrities were involved in this issue. More over, the ones who were getting the drugs from these celebrities too were expected to be few film related personalities. All of them may be caught red handed by the Police department in the next few days.

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