Film Producer Atul Tapkir commits suicide, blames wife!

Atul Tapkir, a Pune-based Marathi film producer, committed suicide on Sunday in a room at Hotel President, Pune. The producer of 2013 film Dhol Tashe, Tapkir, which bombed at the Box Office, consumed poison to kill himself.

Atul Tapkir- Priyanka
Atul Tapkir- Priyanka

On Saturday night, he posted a suicide note on Facebook where he said that he had grown tired of constant fights with his wife, Priyanka, and on Mother’s Day, he wished to be in peace in the company of his deceased mother. Tapkir has also alleged that his wife had thrown him out of their house six months ago and had started rumours about him.

As per the investigating officer of Deccan police station, PI Gaikwad, Tapkir booked a room for himself at Hotel President situated in Karve Road on Saturday morning. At around 2:30 am, Prabhat Chowky of Pune received a call stating Tapkir, who was a guest at the hotel, has taken his life by consuming poison. A team from Deccan police station then reached the spot and started investigating the matter.

The now deceased Producer, in his suicide note on Facebook, mentioned how his wife slammed multiple accusations on him that, he claimed, he was not part of. Priyanka, according to the post, also alleged him of emotionally assaulting her quite frequently. Tapkir accused that his estranged wife did not let him meet his two kids but kept demanding money for their maintenance and even brought a car with the money he gave as part of her demand.

Police has registered an accidental death report in the suicide of Atul Tapkir and have contacted his family members, including his former wife Priyanka, and will be questioning them regarding his suicide. Police has also recovered the suicide note that Tapkir posted on his Facbook profile, which he left open on his laptop before taking the extreme step.

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