Fight: Salman Khan Vs Sonu Nigam

It has been reported recently that Salman Khan has targeted the playback singers in Bollywood, especially Sonu Nigam- the playback singer of many Salman’s hit movies.

Sonu Nigam vs Salman Khan
Sonu Nigam vs Salman Khan

In detail: In the 30th-anniversary function conducted by T-Series, Salman Khan was invited as the guest. In the very same event was present popular singer Sonu Nigam.

While speaking on the stage, Salman said that he doesn’t need any playback singer for him. These comments of Salman irked Sonu Nigam, who sang many hit numbers to the Super Star.

As we all know that Salman Khan sang a song for the film “Hero” as a part of the promotion. Many felt that Salman has a well-improved tone to sing for himself. Salman too felt the same that adding some technology to his voice will result in a good output.

Firmly believing in his voice, Salman Khan made this comments during the event. When Sonu Nigam called Salam upon the stage, Salman publicly commented that he doesn’t need any playback, singer.

As this became big news grew bigger, grapevine had that Salman fought with Sonu Nigam. To clarify this Sonu Nigam in his Twitter posted that there is no such kind of thing happened between him and Salman, and all the gossips are a cooked up stories.

Earlier too Salman Khan got into a fighting conversation with his close friend Aamir Khan regarding their upcoming movies.

What many feel is that the Tweet of Sonu’s favouring Salman was just because of his fear towards Salman but nothing else. We also have come to know that the way Salman treated Sonu on the event left this playback singer in angry and will answer him sooner.

We’ll get a clarification once Salman reacts to Sonu’s tweets.

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