Fight Masters Ram-Laxman’s Apology to fans of Pawan Kalyan

Well known fight masters Ram-Laxman have apologized to Pawan Kalyan fans during their speech at the audio launch of ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’.

Fight Masters Ram Laxman
Fight Masters Ram Laxman

The duo said that they made Pawan work for Sardaar harder than what he had done for his previous movies. They apologized to the fans for making their matinee idol work hard but promised that all the action sequences in the flick will definitely give goosebumps.

They also revealed that Sardaar will have more action scenes than any of Pawan Kalyan’s earlier films. With this revelation from the mouth of action masters, fans are expecting nothing less than an action packed festival from Sardaar.

It must be agreed that action shots from the trailer were very impressive although the overall trailer was pretty much disappointing due to the excessive length and 80s feeling.

Fans are confident that Pawan’s screen presence will overcome these shortcomings.

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