Fashion Police – Mallika goes too far for a milkshake

So when we already know that the lady in question is known for her ‘erratic’ behavior, it would not come as a surprise. But there is a limit for one to dress up for the inaugural events as a celeb and Mallika the ‘Bachelorette’ goes way too far. The Desi girl who made United States her abode – rolling those Rs and behaving as if she was indeed born there, Mallika wore a super wrong outfit that jammed traffic in US as if it were India. Folks! Take a look at what she wore for a milkshake launch named after her as ‘Mallika Shake’. Too much sequin, too much skin and too much ‘thigh’. One wonders if she went out for a sun tan by the beach side. Oh no! She was doing a public appearance. Too little, too late for a wrong outfit to grace perfectly wrong occasion.

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