Is Farah Khan superstitious about 9?

In a field like Bollywood where many insecurities and uncertainties prevail, it is not a strange thing to be superstitious about something. It seems Farah Khan is also no exception in this case! The choreographer-turned-director and the maker of the much-awaited film of the season, Om Shanti Om, are somewhat fixated towards the number 9. The film buffs have observed that, her debut venture’s title, Main Hoo Na and the latest Om Shanti Om comprises of 9 letters. Of course, she may neither believe nor follow the numerology as she said earlier in an interview; the date fixed for the release of Om Shanti Om is adding some speculation about her belief on number 9. The film is scheduled to hit the screens on November 9 on the festive season of Diwali. 

Incidentally, it is a surprising fact that, the number of letters in her name-Farah Khan – are also come to 9!

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