Farah Khan splits chai on Riteish’s face

Farah khan who is known as choreographer inbollywood and nominated for Broadway’s 2004 Tony Award as Best Choreographer, along with collaborator Anthony Van Laast, for "Bombay Dreams."

She always wanted to be a film director, but somehow got into choreography. Then with the help of her friend/colleague, Shahrukh Khan, she got her film under production and made,she was the first woman to be nominated for the Filmfare Awards under the category of Best Director.

Now Farah Khan is going to act for a film ‘Jaane Kahan Se Aayi’ of Mr.Milap Zaveri’s. In this Farah plays a filmmaker in the movie, and Ritiesh Deshmukh her assistant.

In the film Farah doesn’t treat her assistant well and constantly insults him, so much so that once when he brings her some chai , she doesn’t like it too much and spits it onto his face.

Poor Ritiesh! It took all of three re-takes till the shot was okayed. But Rits, we hear, was too sporting.

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