Fans worried about Kamal Hassan!

Kamal Hassan is without a shadow of a doubt a national treasure and any and all news related to him are consumed by the fans with great zeal and enthusiasm. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that if there are troubling reports about him, his admirers would be concerned as well. Such is the respect and love the Ulaga Nayagan enjoys in his fandom.


The latest development that has the people worried is the confirmed reports that he is being plagued by a major physical ailment which has manifested as severe pain in his leg.

In fact, his doctors had advised the legendary actor not to attend the recently held Vijay TV awards ceremony in the fear that it may further worsen the crippling pain. However, Kamal could not, in good faith, not show up for the prestigious and jubilant event and disregarded the medical advice.

He chose though, to enter the stage from behind it, rather than to walk up the steps from the audience, when he had to be on the dais. So troubling was the pain that apparently it showed in his posture and gait. This forced the organizers of the show to shut down the lights while he made his way to the mic, in order to hide his evident discomfort.

But the people, ever so vigilant, did notice this and needless to say, were bothered. This worry for their idol spiked even further when it came to be known later that Kamal had to rushed to the hospital immediately afterwards, as his condition had become unbearable even to him!

Now Kollywood waits eagerly for more news on the matter and hopes along with the rest of the masses of adoring fans that the superstar makes a speedy recovery.

The tragedy in this is that Kamal Hassan has always been known to be in excellent physical shape and goes the extra mile for each of his demanding movies to keep himself at his best. But it seems that time is indeed catching up with the evergreen artist..

His upcoming movies Vishwaroopam 2 and Uttama Villain are both going in top gear.

Uthama Villain’s teaser is getting a warm response while Vishwaroopam 2 is merely a couple of months away from hitting the big screens.

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