My fans will feel satisfied – Poonam Pandey!!

After the “A++” rated film “Nasha”, Poonam Pandey disappeared from Bollywood concentrating on her regular semi-nude photo shoots or stripping statement activities. Looks like, this beauty decided to set Bollywood on fire once again. She gave a statement that she is coming back to Bollywood with a hot venture.


Speaking on this, Poonam mentioned that she rejected several Bollywood offers after “Nasha”. Even though she didn’t exactly mention the real reason behind the rejections, she stated that she is happy after looking into the present project. She stated that her fans will feel satisfied with her glamour in the upcoming venture.

After “Nasha”, expectations on Poonam Pandey got literally doubled. For that flick, she was seen in almost nude avatar. Hence, to satisfy her fans who have double the expectations, Poonam Pandey should do something different. Stay tuned to know whether censor board can withstand the attack of Poonam Pandey or not!

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