Fans reconstructed school where Rajinikanth studied!

Fans and friends of Rajinikanth have decided to give a makeover to the Model Primary School, in which the Tamil superstar studied five decades ago.

The Government Model Primary School is situated in Gavi Puram, near Gavi Gangadhareshwara Swamy Temple, and Rajinikanth had joined it in class one and studied there for eight years. Later he joined Bangalore High School.

Raj Bhathar, who was driver in the same bus of Karnataka State Road Corporation in which Rajinikanth worked as a conductor before joining films, said that Rajinikanth’s classmates have decided to upgrade the school.

However, he refused to say anything about Rajini’s personal contribution to the charitable work saying his friends don’t want to publicise his charity work.

A function was organised Thursday evening where Rajinikanth’s friends announced that they have already started work to upgrade the school where many other celebrities, now in various parts of the country and abroad, had studied.

Kannada film actor Ashok, who is also the president of the Karnataka Film Workers association, participated in the function and said that it is really a laudable work by Rajini’s friends to upgrade the school.

Ashok was Rajini’s batch-mate at Adyar Film Institute.

Friends and fans are providing computers and tables to the school to enable the students of the government-sponsored school have some initial knowledge about the computers and its use.

They also plan to renovate the school building.

"We are trying to get all high-tech equipments to the school to make it really a model school in the city. I am inspired by Rajini’s charitable work as much as I ardently like his acting abilities," says Sharavana, a hardcore Rajini fan who has now decided to adopt 42 children from the school and educate them till they clear their matriculation exam.

Sharavana, owner of a high tech jewellery shop in the city, informed that besides providing uniforms and text books to children, he is also organising a separate special tuition sessions for the poorest of the poor children.(IANS)

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