Fans publicly misbehave with Hansika!

Hansika Motwani, the bubbly young diva, seems to be the most common target for these over enthusiastic, and at times downright sleazy fans in tinsel town. This is the third time in the past few years that the actress has faced such an incident!


Here’s what happened..

Hansika sometimes, to chill out a little goes to the multiplexes in Chennai to watch movies – as normal people do. But this itself can lead to trouble as she is very easily recognized and mobs form immediately pestering her for autographs and photos and stuff. A cross every celebrity bears, one supposes..

So usually, security personnel accompany the celebs but Hansika likes to go on these ‘hangout’ missions alone if possible. Before, when she was in a relationship, Simbu would be with her on her ‘day of fun’ but this time obviously, he wasn’t.

So while she was watching a movie at the Escape Cinemas on Express Avenue, Chennai, she was recognized and fans quickly ganged up on her. Some began asking for the usual stuff but others began pulling her hands, and sources say some shady cowards even touched her inappropriately!

Thankfully, she was saved by the theatre authorities who came rushing in and the actress was escorted out.

Now this is just bad form people! Girls have enough trouble on their hands these days with such slimy characters but being a celeb must make the problem a million times worse!

Hansika faced similar situations earlier this year in Goa while filming for a movie there, and also in Coimbatore a few years back.

Anways, the lovely young star seems to have taken it in stride and chalked it up to just a bad situation that happened because she chose to go alone. Heartbreaking indeed.

She has many movies in the works including Meagamaan, Vaalu, Romeo & Juliet, Power and Uyire Uyire. Looks like she really needed a break from work.. Shame on you so called fans.

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