Fans Mobbed Samantha in Madurai

Top actress Samantha had faced an embarrassing situation when fans mobbed and misbehaved with her.

Going to the details, on Sunday, Samantha went to Madurai to participate in the new branch opening program of V Care. As Samantha’s arrival to the showroom was much publicized, fans came in huge number to see her. As soon as Samantha stepped down from her car to enter the showroom, fans mobbed her. But, security came quickly and helped the actress get inside.

Samantha Mobbed By Fans in Madurai
Samantha Mobbed By Fans in Madurai

After the programme was over, when Samantha was about to return to her car, fans mobbed her yet again and this time, even security failed to control them. Few miscreants even punctured the tire of Samantha’s car, forcing her to wait inside the showroom. Police had to come and take the situation under control.

Samantha looked very angry with the treatment she received from fans.

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