Fans happiness more important than collections – Jr.NTR

NTR Temper Success

Young Tiger Jr.NTR reveals his word at heart about the “Temper” success, his fans and the collections. He mentioned that “Temper” is one of the best flicks in his career. He further revealed that he is more happy to see good collections.

More than this, Jr.NTR is excited seeing the happiness in the eyes of his fans. He says that nothing can match it. The energy he gets through his fans is too high compared to the energy he gets through his own personal successes.

Jr.NTR conducted fans meets few days back before “Temper” release. He talked to them on how to improve the quality of the films to get more success at the box office. He implemented all of them on his latest flick and it showed the result. Hence, Jr.NTR mentioned that fans happiness is more important than collections.

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