Fans force Suriya to leave shooting spot!

Anjaan star Suriya is usually very professional and quite the gentle man in life, so it is very shocking to hear this new development to say the least. The incident happened on the sets of the star’s latest venture Masss, directed by Vikram Prabhu.


Since the shooting was happening on location in Chennai, as usual onlookers had gathered around to watch the filming. Unfortunately though not all the fans who were present were well wishers of the actor. Soon enough, some of them began trolling the actor by shouting out loud comments and insulting him for his latest release which is Anjaan.

Evidently, this being a public place, there wasn’t much the crew could do to silence the commenters, and they seemed to know this as this behaviour continued for some time.

Suriya was busy shooting his scenes and initially did not seem to be paying attention to this group of people. He kept his cool and went about doing his job, but slowly it began to get too distracting for the actor as he was trying to deliver his best before the camera.

Apparently and justifiably, somewhere along the line, he lost his composure but even then the dignified person that he is, he did not engage these individuals who were obviously looking for attention. Instead he simply and silently left the shooting spot and gave some excuse about having prior commitments which he couldn’t avoid.

Obviously this must have been made up, because an actor of his dedication would not have previous engagements on a day of filming and that too on location.

But kudos to Suriya for acting in a civilized manner and shame on whoever the fans were who displayed such shocking behaviour towards an actor like Suriya.

Let us hope the shooting got back on track later and that such incidents don’t repeat themselves in the future…

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