Fans can help create Mundasupatti 2!!

Well not the whole thing of course, but quite possibly a major element of it, yes!


This is not just some shady publicity stunt or a half baked rumour folks, the producers of Mundasupatti, Thirukumaran Entertainment and Fox Star Studios, have announced this ground breaking new plan or contest officially!

Wondering what we’re talking about?

Here’s how it works. They (the producers) have announced that fans can send in the most funny superstitious idea they can think of and if they like it the best, the sequel to the hit movie will be based on your idea – and wait a moment, this is not just a feel good plot to get you all excited, no. If you win, you get a cash prize to go with the recognition you get!

Kollywood is certainly bringing innovation to the whole field in a variety of ways, isn’t it?

The whole idea for the sequel came about as the producers are riding high on the success of the original right now. The small budget movie, with a unique story and clever comedy that has the audience in stitches with laughter, has already waltzed past its 25th day mark at the cinemas and has earned over Rs 10 crores for its makers.

The film stars Vishnu Vishal and Nandita in the lead roles and is set in the fictional village of Mundasupatti in the 1980s. The plot revolves around two photographers who arrive there not knowing the town’s deep seated superstition that bad things will happen to anyone who is photographed!

The movie is actually an adaptation from a short film which the director of the film, Ram Kumar, made for television a few years back, that had the same title and concept.

Anyway, the movie is an unexpected grosser this season and now you have the chance to be part of the sequel..

If you fancy yourself a funny and creative fan looking to be a part of Kollywood history, you can send in your idea to this address:

[email protected]

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