Fan War Leads to Murder of a Youth

The alleged fan war between fans of two heroes led to the killing of a 24-year-old youth named Vinod Kumar of Tirupathi.

Fans Fight
Fans Fight

This tragic incident took place on Sunday night in Kolaru, Karnataka. Vinod Kumar along with friend Trinadh went to participate in an organ donation event. Trinadh’s friend Sunil also joined them later. When Vinod raised ‘Jai’ slogan for his favorite hero, Sunil refused to join the chorus as he was the fan of a different hero. The minor scuffle was immediately pacified by Trinadh.

Later, they reached a hotel where Sunil’s friend Akshay Kumar also joined them. Another scuffle happened here between the fans, and it led to Akshay Kumar maniacally stabbing Vinod with a knife. He was immediately rushed to a hospital by Trinadh and Sunil, but he succumbed to the wounds before reaching the hospital. Police took Akshay into custody.

Fans on social media are expressing resentment at the manically violent fans for going to the extreme lengths of inhumanity in the name of fan wars.

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