Fan Srinidhi’s Death on Jr. NTR’s Birthday

NTR Fan Srinidhi Died
Jr NTR with Srinidhi in Hospital

A few days ago, we had seen Jr. NTR visit a ten year old girl in a private hospital at Kukatpally. She was diagnosed earlier with blood cancer in its last stage and she had a last wish to meet Jr. NTR before she faded away into memories. Jr. NTR fulfilled the little girl’s wish by meeting with her and shared with everyone that he would not be able to do anything to save her.

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Reported and confirmed by the girl’s family, Srinidhi has indeed fallen prey to the illness that took over her and her body has been relocated to her native village in Warangal district, Telangana. It is very ironic that Jr. NTR shares his birthday on the same day as the girl passed away and hope that the family is coping up with this grave loss.

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