Fan letters to Family Court blaming Dileep!

The Dileep – Manju Warrier divorce proceedings are set to happen next month, and the shock waves created by Dileep filing for it have had several unexpected impacts. None more interesting than the fact that people are sending letters to the Family Court, addressed to Dileep, blaming him for his much beloved wife’s professional plight!


To be fair though, they are not talking about Manju’s career highlights now; she is without a doubt Mollywood’s top female star, with her amazing comeback film How Old Are You getting immense responses everywhere.

No, the fans are blaming Dileep for ‘destroying’ her career trajectory over the years they were married!

This is in fact a common opinion of the Manju Warrier fan base as a whole, from what can be gathered. She had kept a very low profile for the entirety of almost a decade and half of marriage, and had never appeared in anything media related with regard to her own artistic talents.

Let’s not forget that Manju is also a talented and trained classical dancer!

The actress, who was in her early twenties when she wed the actor, retired from movies then in spite of being at the top of her game. Her return to acting was something greatly looked forward to by the fans and her decision to finally do it was the primary cause for the dissolution of their marriage – even according to Dileep.

He had even admitted to ‘sabotaging’ her original planned comeback opportunity by going behind her back and talking to the director of the project to excuse Manju from it.

So it came as quite a shock to the people when Dileep filed for divorce a few days ago and formally alleged that he had been suffering emotional abuse at the hands of Manju for years.

And so the letters have been flowing to the Court addressed to Dileep formally, and since no one by that name works there, it was opened and read by the concerned authorities. There are a few letters supporting Dileep in there as well – to balance things out..

The divorce proceedings will be confidential and will have no media presence as Dileep filed for it to be so, and we will have to wait and see how things pan out for the couple. Their daughter Meenakshi is staying with Dileep now, while Manju has moved back in with her parents.

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