Fan finds flaw in Drishyam plot!

Drishyam is now officially the biggest hit in Malayalam movie history and director Jeethu Joseph perhaps the most sought after director in the industry. The fans have spoken! But real movie buffs just don’t stop with a hearty applause do they? No, they carefully study the magnificent creation that is cinema and all its aspects. Unfortunately, sometimes they find previously unnoticed mistakes too and now that’s happened with Drishyam!


Yes, a fan named Rahul has pointed out a ‘plot hole’ in the movie that very well collapses the illusion of the brilliantly written suspense thriller. Through his Facebook page, the fan reminded the other of the following facts and resultant logical conclusion, as per the events in the carefully crafted story:

Monichan, the aide of Georgekutty, tells the IG upon cross examination that Georgekutty called him from the divine centre on the 2nd of the month (a misdirection created by the hero) and according to the story, at least in the beginning, the Police are convinced too that George was elsewhere on the 2nd when the crime was committed.

This is essential to the plot as it is one of many clever deceptions Georgekutty pulls off to form an alibi. But later, when the I G figures out that Georgekutty and family took the pilgrimage on the 4th and 5th of the month and that they were present in the area on the 2nd when the actual crime was committed, but lack of evidence to prove it stumps her – it would only have been easy to get the phone records and check where Monichan’s call from Georgekutty originated from.

See? The whole story crumbles at this juncture and the plot hole becomes too glaring in what was otherwise considered a near perfect script.

But Jeethu Joseph is man enough to admit his mistakes and posted this on Facebook in response to Rahul’s finding:

What rahul said is correct. As per script Georgekutty is giving a call to monichan from a phone booth after buying the breakfast from a restaurant ,the next day of murder that is on his way to dispose varun’s car and we have found one restaurant with a phone booth nearby. But when the shooting date changed we had to change the location in the last minute. because of that confusion and short of time we missed it. later my associate remind me of that and i said its ok we can avoid that evidence and we removed it from the script. but we forgot to remove that IG’s dialouge. That was truly my mistake or carelessness . Not only this there are so many other mistakes in drishyam.Nobody is making perfect movie , I believe .Error is humans . it will happen all the time and believe will happen again in my life. After all DRISHYAM is not a perfect film, but just a make belief. The great thing about malayaly audience is they are sharp, this kind of criticism will always heip film makers. So thank you very much rahul to pointing out this type of mistakes.

Well, what can one say except ‘Kudos to you Mr. Jeethu Joesph!’ Not just for making such a spectacular film but for being so genuine and honest about your work and the craft of film making… and for actually showing the fans the respect they deserve.

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