A Fan Cuts Hand For Favorite Hero

It is a natural thing to see fans doing overaction whenever they spot their favourite hero. At times, the fans go mad to shower their love on the favorite stars. We have come to know about a similar situation where a fan got injured voluntarily to grab the attention of her favourite hero.

Kushal Tandon
Kushal Tandon

Going more into the details, Bollywood model and actor Kushal Tandon enjoys a huge fan base. Every now and then, the fans try to catch his attention by different activities. Kushal recently came to know about a fan from Saudi Arabia who cut her hand to meet the actor. The actor has finally come to know about this and has showered his anger.

“Many times, fans try to do this to catch our attention but some people go overboard by performing such activities like how this fan has cut her hand. I knew who she is but I did not expect this from her, and I will never tolerate such things. I request everyone not to do the same in the future.” Said the actor.

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