Famous Actress wants to have a Baby without getting married, wanna follow footsteps of her Parents

Shruti Hassan Wants a Baby Without Marriage

Sizzling Hot beauty shocks almost everyone with her bold statement about having a child before marriage .Shruti Hassan gave a stunning statement that she is interested to have a child first and then get married. This is a shocking statement from Shruti Hassan. People are now commenting that Shruti Hassan is a close competitor to Poonam Pandey and Rakhi Sawanth in giving stunning statements to the media.

Shruti Hassan gave a sweet explanation for this aspect. She stated that her parents enjoyed in the similar fashion and she too wants the same. “Being around parents is wonderful. Just like my parents, I too want to have a kid and then want to go for marriage.”

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In India, having a kid before marriage is a sensitive issue and how will the audience react turned to be an interesting aspect. “Will audience especially parents likes the statement of Shruthi Hassan?” is the main topic. Stay tuned to know more about this.

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