Fake Rumours On Aadi Pinisetty

There were some false rumours that the actor Aadi Pinisetty was injured on the sets of his upcoming movie Rangasthalam 1985. The actor who recently got good appreciations with the film Agnyathavaasi, now he is busy with a crucial role in the film Rangasthalam. The actor has come across the rumours that he was not well and his leg was fractured on the sets of Rangasthalam. Putting an end to such rumours, the actor finally tweeted.

Aadi Piniseety in Rangasthalam
Aadi Piniseety in Rangasthalam

“Kaalu virichhadu….not virigindhi ;) lol..,Not true guys!!” posted Aadhi sharing the links that is speculating that he was injured. Aadi also clarified the rumours that he was not a part of the film Bhagmathiee but there were rumours that he is the villain in the movie.

Aadi is now busy with a new film starring Taapsee Pannu.

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