Fake Producer Took Rs. 50 Lakhs From A Lady Lawyer

The fake promises and the fake people are very much prevalent in the film industry and the aspirants should be careful in identifying the scamsters around them. Earlier, we have seen many cases where a few film aspirants were created by people with a fake identity. A similar incident took place recently.
Naresh Kumar
Fake Producer Took Rs. 50 Lakhs
A person cheated a lady lawyer by taking Rs. 50 lakhs by promising to give her a role in SS Rajamouli’s RRR. If we get into the story, a person called Naresh Kumar found a woman lawyer’s number on the telephone directory and approached her as a producer who is in the need of legal advice. Slowly, they started to meet often and became quite close.
One fine day, he asked whether she is interested in acting and the lawyer nodded yes as a response. The Naresh promised her that he would give her a chance in RRR. A few days later, he called her faking to be SS Rajamouli and promised her to give a role in RRR.
Beliving it to be true, she transferred Rs. 50 lakhs in Naresh’s account. Apparently, he also assured her that he will get her membership in Movie Artists Association (MAA). When things became suspicious and Naresh’s friends started demanding money, the lady lawyer filed a complaint to the police. The Task Force Police have arrested the accused and started investigating the case.

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