Fake Mammootty Fans Associations to face legal action!

It was recently reported that actor Mammootty was thinking of disbanding his fans association, but now there are more details in this issue and it’s that there are many ‘fake’ fans associations out there that are the ones causing disrepute to the actor and are bending the rules of conduct quite a bit.


According to Mammootty’s manager George, there is only one official fans association recognized by the actor and that is the Mammootty Fans and Welfare Association International. Only this particular organization has been authorized to engage in activities related to or in the name of the actor and/or his films. This is important, because they have rules and regulations which governs the behavior of their members and prevents them from engaging in actions that might damage the actor and his good standing among the fans.

Now, it seems what happened was that when several members of this organization were dismissed on suspicion and charges relating to misappropriation of funds, some of them thought it fit to start fans associations on their own. But these are not official and their activities have not been given any authorization by Mammootty.

In fact, he is somewhat ignorant of their functioning altogether and cannot be held responsible for what they do, to put it more bluntly. And it looks like it’s these associations and their members that have on purpose or inadvertently been engaging in alleged cyber slandering of other actors and according to reports, spreading religious vitriol in Mammootty’s name.

Now, according to sources, the official organization in the mix – MFWAI – have decided to take legal action against these fake groups before they cause too much harm and for possibly maligning the real association’s and it’s idol Mammootty’s reputation.

Let’s see what happens…

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