Fahad to Enter Kollywood


Fahad Fazil definitely seems like he has lady luck on his side and lots of gifts for backing her up, since his entry into the movie industry a few years back. The young sensation is now rumored to be all set to add another feather to his cap with his venture into the Tamil industry as the star of the new Thyagarajan Kumararaja movie. The director, after having gained critical acclaim through his movieĀ Aaranyakaandam, seems to have chosen Fahad over Thala Ajithkumar himself for this one.

Fahad is also set to romance his real life love and fiance, the gorgeous Nazriya Nazim in the next Blessy project in Malayalam which will deal with the socio-political issues of Kannur in a new light. The young actor who has successfully created a brand for himself in the past few years starred in over a dozen movies in 2013. His engagement to the young starlet is another thing that seems to have stirred up an amount of controversy among the fans.

Whatever the reasons maybe, it seems Mallus have a lot to look forward to from this fresh hero who has not only lived up to his father’s name but might even be one of the greats in years to come, through genuine merit and raw talent.

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