Facts About Kathi Mahesh’s Black Magic Puja Allegations

Mahesh Kathi, the popular critic has met the press at Somajiguda in Hyderabad yesterday morning. Kathi posed some interesting questions to Poonam Kaur where he revealed that Trivikram and Pawan were involved in some Black Magic poojas. The critic questioned why Poonam was there while the pooja is being done. The critic also revealed that Pundit Narasingam is the priest who helped them with the puja activities.

Kathi Mahesh About Poonam Kaur
Kathi Mahesh About Poonam Kaur

A media house has verified this and has come out with the truth in this aspect. It has been revealed that special poojas were performed at Dwarka Tirumala, Narasimha Swamy Temple during ‘Jalsa’ time. It was also told by the media that many other film stars will also take part in such puja activities. To avoid heavy gathering attention because of the celebrities involved, the pujas might have been performed during the night is what the media house concluded.

Kathi Mahesh revealed that he has a video evidence of the same when Poonam Kaur was also taking part in it. We have to wait few more days for the complete details.

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