Facebook’s shock to Poonam Pandey !

Controversial queen Poonam Pandey got the shock of her life from Facebook. This lady has experienced the most weird thing on Facebook. Don’t know the exact reason but Poonam Pandey’s Facebook account has been deactivated. 2.1 Million followers were there for Poonam on Facebook.

She used to greet her fans on Facebook with the most hottest photos and now as Facebook deactivated her account, she fell on Twitter. At present 0.6 Million followers were there for Poonam on Twitter. She is now busy asking her fans for help regarding re-activation of her Facebook account.

Few analysts are suspecting this as a hacking activity while few other were feeling that her semi-nude pics might have made Facebook officials to deactivate her profile. Whatever might be the reason, Poonam Pandey lost almost 2.1 Million contacts and this is a big loss for this controversial babe.

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