Facebook page for unborn baby!

A baby girl may have become the youngest person with a Facebook page, the reason, she hasn’t been born as yet.

Marriah Greene has a Facebook page created by her parents Matt and Ellie Greene, who were looking for a playful way to keep friends up to date on the progress of the pregnancy.

The couple, from Whitehouse, Texas, know they are having a girl, and the due date for her birth has been given as June 9.

And as of June 1 their daughter had 268 ‘friends’, mostly real friends and family of her parents.

“We weren’t sure how to tell all our friends the baby was coming,” ABC News quoted Matt, 37, as saying in a telephone interview.

“We’d held off on telling people, we wanted to make sure everything was fine with the pregnancy. We thought the quickest way to tell everyone would be to use Facebook,” he said.

Matt is a nurse, and Ellie, 25, who is still working part-time as her due date approaches, is a nurse’s assistant studying to become a nurse herself.(ANI)


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