Exclusive: Sania Mirza wants Salman Khan to play her husband!

Sania Mirza and Salman Khan

The lady who has been shining bright on the Sporting field will shine bright on the small screen too. Sania Mirza brings to all the School of Bonding on Sony PIX. And man she looks gorgeously sexy.

Recently at the event launch, Sania was asked that if a biopic is to be made upon her, who’d she like to see on screen play her. Sania quipped that she’d love Deepika Padukone play the role as she thinks will bring justice to sport. When further asked who she thinks should be paired opposite Deepika on screen, as her real life husband Shoaib, Sania picked a pretty unusual name. Sania wishes Salman to play her husband on screen as she thinks Deepika and Salman have not worked together and that they will make a great pair.

Directors, are you listening? That is quite an idea Sania. We would certainly like to see Dabangg Khan and Miss Leggy Lass share screenspace.

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