Exclusive: Heroines’ insecure cosmetic disasters

There has been an increasing business with the cosmetic industry just for one reason – our starlets do not want to look ‘old’ and are willing to go under the knife for anything – Lips, Nose, Mouth, Forehead, Eye brow line – you name it and the leading ladies are a game to make it look all good. Gone are the days where talented actresses like Jayasudha, Jayapradha, Bhanu Priya, Aamani and late Soundarya etc., would set a trend with their natural self. Take a look at the list

Priyanka Chopra – The talented diva of Bollywood went under the knife more than three times to correct her nose and re correct her lips. The result, as expected, was far from appealing. PC’s lips look very weird these days, too large for that face to hold. The beauty went ballistic with her lip job that is making her look like a true ‘Piggy’ babe.

Katrina Kaif – Simply the best in the natural list of beauties, Katrina never really required any ‘job’ to look better. However, the lady who is ruling the filmdom wants it all ‘more than perfect’. The outcome – her new pout, which is a brand ambassador for many products. As of now, it looks good, and we hope that she Ms Kaif will not resort to any desperate measures.

Shilpa Shetty – Her makeover was as magical as anyone could possibly imagine. Shilpa went ‘dainty’ from ‘demonic’ after correcting her large nose. However, she has done something weird off late to her face, that is making her look ‘chimpy’.

Shriya Saran – We wonder if it’s the insecurity or what, but Shriya looks totally ‘ruined’ after undergoing that jaw correction. Her smile became lifeless and lacks natural touch. She has gone to becoming a ‘bimbo’ from ‘being real’. We feel it was very much not required but Ms Saran won’t agree with that, obviously.

Kangana Ranaut – Her lip job to make them ‘fuller’ went really awkward. The recent looks of Kangana look as if a mosquito or a bug bit her lips and she is under medication. A total wrong choice!

Samantha Ruth Prabhu – The lady known for her naturally ‘angelic’ looks went desperate and got a lip and maxillofacial done, apparently. The recent visuals of her in Attarintiki Daaredi made the fans hop mad as she looks older and plastic all of a sudden. Bad move, Sam.

Koena Miitra – The item girl of Bollywood totally messed it up with some facial surgery. Koena is not even ‘recognisable’ in some parties. Pity!

Looking at such perilous outcomes, we know for sure that in most cases, cosmetic surgeries are not making our pretty ladies look any better. We hope some sense prevails into the brains of these glam dolls, making them realize that beauty is ‘skin deep’ and intelligence is sexy.

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