Exclusive Chitchat- Baahubali Secrets Revealed by Rajamouli After Winning The National Award

Tough taskmaster SS Rajamouli is a name that has been on the lips from everyone associated with anything related to movie business! After all, he is the man, who has made the epic Baahubali, India’s costliest film ever and also about to be the biggest blockbuster as well! The movie, which stars Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah Bhatia, Anushka Shetty, Sathyaraj, Nassar and Ramya Krishnan, is made in two parts, the second of which will be releasing next year. The first part itself was made on a whopping 250 crore budget.All this is possible because of one man with a great vision – SS Rajamouli!

Rajamouli Interview After Winning The National Award for Baahubali
Rajamouli Interview After Winning The National Award for Baahubali

Here’s a conversation with Rajamouli about Baahubali journey and secrets about the film:

1) Sum up your experience of making India’s biggest motion picture?

A) It was both exhilarating and exhaustive with the same time and it was the fear of failing down and flying completely from care free. At the same time with fear of failing down. It is both extreme feelings together. But, all the negative things vanished and positive always remains So, only the exhilaration and only the flying feel only the positives make. (Laughs)

2) What challenges did you face while making Baahubali?

A) So many challenges. one thing came to mind was we shot for 380 days and towards 320 reaching around that time I could feel there was sense of exhilaration in the entire unit . The energy levels were going low so pumping that into the whole team is the biggest challenge. The whole unit takes the energy from director. So, I myself very exhausted and pumped the big boost to the whole unit is the big challenge for the lats 50-60 days.

3) your father coined the story of Baahubali. What inspired him and how did you take it?

A) I did not know .. I never asked him what inspired him to make the whole story. But, i would to believe that I am his inspiration to write the story because he thinks I am a great director and he wanted to give me a story to challenge my skills. I would to think like that way.

Prabhas Pics from Baahubali
Prabhas Pics from Baahubali

4)Baahubali crossed regional boundaries ans went onto become a super hit, what are your thoughts on it?

A) Some times, from child hood, we carry an idea which have not been yet but somehow our heart and mind works on that idea. My idea from the beginning was when we make u story which is on the basic human emotion and do it right it well cross all boundaries and language barriers will not stand in our ideas and that is the way I thought and Baahubali proved it I was so happy

5)Can u tell us about Baahubali’s partner ship with Dharma productions. How it started? And what it ended into ?

A) An business partnership is the best one when both the parties stand t gain some thing. I never met Karan jii before and his sensibility of film making are entirely are different from my.But some how we knew we had a good product with Baahubali and I knew he would be part of it in my mind. Rana took our project to Karan and I met him during promotions and I realized that our sensibility of film making is different. It ‘s fulfill association and he takes a large credit for the success of Baahubali in the north belt and we really really hope for more associations in future.

6) How did the crew manage the cast of 2000-3000 people?

A) One is fore site of Shobhu and he knew key points of trigger and that he should really take care of the crew. The film works because of producer and director and when they really believe each other is when the film works and he is more to Baahubali. He was my co-director and first assistant director he used to schedule everything and he manages to every thing and managing the on set the huge huge crew all the credit goes to was line producer Sri valli. She is responsible everything perfectly.

7) First Part is only about the chatcater introduction and second part is about the story, Tell us something about it?

A) Its simple see. The graph of a story is Character introduced, emotional quotient and the climax of the story and you have the story and told in 2 and 30 half hours. But, Baahubali such a big story which takes 4 and 4.30 minutes and my character introductions which are supposed get into 1 and 1.30 hours took me 2 and 2 .30 hours. So 2 .30 hours took character introduction. Baahubali first part is character introduction and what happens between them and the answer will be revealed that is biggest question of the year happened in the part 2

8) First Part was mostly carred out on VFX . what can we except the 2nd part?

A) Part 2 will be bigger than part one . The USP of the second part will be the emotions between the characters, what happens between Devasana and Baahubali , what happens between Sivagami and Kattappa, what happens will between Sivagami and Bahalladeva? That will be something what the audience cannot take their eyes of the screen apart for huge VFX and huge war sequences and what’s goona you get to transfixed is relation between characters.

9) How are the preparations going on for 2nd art . When can people except part 2?

A) we started shooting in December and we will release the film on April 14th, 2017.

10) Most memorable scene in Baahubali?

A) Sivagami lifting the child in water is my most favorite scene in Baahubali.

11) Toughest scene to shoot?

A) Prabhas jumps in the water falls and numerous jumps in the water , its toughest and scary most of the scenes after his shoulder surgery more than difficult it was a very scary (Laughs).

12) Favorite moment from the sets of Baahubali?

A) Every moment is a memory.. ( Laughs)

13 ) Favorite person on the set of Baahubali?

A) Laughs.. He is the darling of how the whole set is producer Shobhu Garu.

14) Prankstar on set?

A) Rana used to be the most humorous person on the sets.

15) Always on time?

A) Line producer Sri Valli always on time and Rana was always on time.

16) The fastest to remember the dialogues?

A) Ramya Krishna and Nasser.

17) Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali?

A) Laughs… Because I told him to do so… Again Laughs…

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