Exclusive – A Pioneer of many Arts – Kamal Kamaraju Interview

Interview – Kamal Kamaraju, Actor, Artist, Architect

Tall, muscular, handsome, and sporting a manly demeanor, he is an instant favorite with all. Yet, he is insanely humble and grounded for any actor to be. Kamal Kamaraju, one of the most talented young heroes of Tollywood is more than just an actor. He is well known for his many dabbles with Art. His paintings are remarkable and connect with Human Emotions. An Architect by academics, Kamal has an eye to detail with finesse. An art director prior to taking up acting, not many know that he is a creative writer too with film screenplays.  A contributor to a better society, this young and dynamic man has actively campaigned for various causes off late such as the protest against the recent Delhi rape case and Sekhar Kammula’s reaction to the same in “I Care I React” Campaign. Some of his own paintings have voiced against crime and corruption and touched the masses.

Chitramala brings to you some insights into his latest series in Art, “Rani – The Great Indian Cow”.  After his last series on his creation “Minnu”, Kamal makes an attempt to connect and convey a message with his latest series. Read on.

1. What is your idea behind the new series, “Rani – The Great Indian Cow”?

I have always believed working on a subject, it’s like romancing with it. Nourishing and fostering and then see it grow. I did that with “Minnu” which received a huge response which i did not expect. This brought in a fear. Of getting sucked into a brand or a success and not exploring the art within me. I wanted to stop and start something fresh. Something more on art that is finer and has a language. I was looking at various forms . Did an oil on canvas series called Wall Art India. which clubbed my interests in other platforms of architecture and acting/films. The process of each painting was taking time beyond the scope of my professional obligations.

At this time, i found an article which spoke about how cows in India were malnourished and ill treated in some States. In a country where a cow provokes divinity. this moved me and took my interest as i was also looking at a subject after “Minnu” that was the next step of being a girl. A perfect woman. One that is always giving. Benevolent in all respects. Right from its birth to its retirement it expects nothing buts acts as an “Annadaata” (provider of food), does all the work with utmost dignity and then gives everything of hers to the person who owns her even after it gets old. For me it portrayed the epitome of motherhood and a perfect way to move forward after “Minnu”.

2. A great thought on womanhood that. Please tell us about your preparation and planning to showcase “Rani”.

I have been developing this subject since two months. And have zeroed down on the style. I am keeping it traditional as i would like to portray the great indian cow and give a contemporary feel to it.

3. Can you tell us something about your plans to showcase your Exhibit to Art Enthusiasts?

I am expecting to host an exhibition by the end of this year for the public. My target audience will be everyone who likes anything humble, believes in goodness and wants to be calm. I hope my paintings bring all of this in them. Of course even before the exhibition i have pre booked commissions of these series here and abroad. Working on them simultaneously before i get busy on my shootings.

4. You were endearing to the audience on screen, right from “Chatrapati” to “Avakai Biryani” to playing a Naxal in an offbeat “Virodhi” and recently, your role with an entertaining element in “Arrvind 2”. What are your possible future projects on line?

The talks are on with few projects lined up both in Telugu and Tamil. The Tamil audience saw me debut with a good role in “Ayiram Vilakku” and I have been approached for some more projects. In Telugu, projects will soon be concrete and I shall announce the same to my fans shortly.

Click here to see the trailer of Kamal’s Art Series

Interviewed by,

Deepa Balasubramanian
Team Chitramala

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